How to Use the New Futuro Scholarship Tracker

Finding free money for college should be part of everybody’s paying for college strategy. That’s why we have created the New Futuro Scholarship Tracker to make it easy for you to get started on your search.

The New Futuro Scholarship Tracker Works Like This…
Once you create an account on, which you can do via your Facebook profile, you’re ready to visit the Scholarship Tracker to start your search in three easy steps:

Step 1: Find your scholarships by answering a few basic questions. Our Scholarship Tracker will find and recommend the best results for you.

Step 2: Review the results and select the ones you want to apply for by clicking the blue Awesome! button.

Step 3: Apply for the scholarships you want. We store the scholarships you have “Awesomed” directly to your profile so you can track and apply at your pace.

We’re working diligently to include more and more scholarships that reflect your various interests, so make sure to launch a few searches! 

You can always edit your scholarship search, just to be sure you’re researching all the opportunities you might qualify for and are interested in. This way, YOU customize your own approach.

The New Futuro Scholarship Tracker will help you find:

  • scholarships
  • grants
  • fellowships
  • contests
  • tuition waivers
  • stipends
  • loans

YOUR New Futuro Profile
What else can you do with your New Futuro profile? As you check out information on New Futuro, you can “Awesome!” each article by clicking on the “A!” logo at the top of the page. The great thing is, when you “awesome” an article, it will save to your profile. This way you can always refer to information YOU find helpful, right there in one easy-to-use online hub. Make sure your profile is updated to include your photo, bio, and interests, so we can make sure to help you find content about the things you’re into, and so you can let friends know what’s Awesome on

Information, Advice, Events
This growing database of scholarships is constantly supported by the content we offer online about the FAFSA, the ACT and SAT, financial aid tips, college advice, a parents section, and everything else under the collegiate sun. Our College Plan is also there to support you on the road to college, and our college fairs allow you to interact with the schools and organizations that can help you get to where you want to go.

Be sure to find and apply for scholarships that fit you and your academic path.

Now go find that FREE money for college!



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