Knowing your child is key to ensuring their success

I’ve worked in education for almost 10 years now and I can say without any hesitation, that the biggest gift any parent can give their child is to get to know them. Knowing your child is key to ensuring their success. Ask yourself: What is my child good at? What do they enjoy doing? What is it about my child that just simply amazes me? Your child’s fascination with trains can set them up to be an engineer. Your daughter’s passion for doing “what’s right” could make her this generation’s human rights leader, or your son’s love of film could make him the next Steven Spielberg! From one parent to another, here are a few tips to helping your child be the best they can be.

Thee biggest gift any parent can give their child is to get to know them. Knowing your child is key to ensuring their success.

Identifying their skills and interests
Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success Program has a lesson plan designed to help students identify their skills and interests, allowing them to find careers that are a good match. A skill is defined as an ability to facilitate or accomplish a task. An interest is defined as an activity or hobby that a student enjoys. It’s important to note that a skill may not necessarily be an interest. Finding activities that your child enjoys and shows a propensity to be good at can lead them to their dream job.

Embracing their talent
If your daughter has a mean right arm, maybe she’d be interested in joining the softball team. If your son uses your old DVD’s to create imaginary forts, maybe he’d be interested in architecture. Sports and extracurricular activities can teach your child more than you can imagine. Time and time again I’ve heard students say, “Sports made me realize that just when I feel can’t continue, I find the motivation to move forward. I learn to be determined. I learn how to challenge myself and I learn how to work in a team.” The extracurricular activities your child engages in makes them stand out and can strengthen their resume, enabling them to get that scholarship, internship, or first job.

Let them be themselves
Don’t get caught up in pushing your kid to be “the best,” make sure they can be themselves. At that point, you can concentrate in finding the best resources that match your child’s interests. The more you know about your son or daughter by exposing them to opportunities to develop their skills, talents, and interests, the closer they’ll be to finding a career they’re passionate about.

As a parent we don’t always have all the answers but sure are always looking for them. Stay up to date with information you can use to help your child get into college.

Good luck!

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