If you’ve ever lost your cellphone or been in a car accident, you were probably thankful you had insurance. Buying insurance policies protects you in case of future harm and guarantees smooth sailing when trouble comes your way. Coverage exists for nearly every imaginable circumstance, so as you can guess, there are plenty of careers available. You can be a claims adjuster, sales specialist, or underwriter, and you can even own your own agency. Giving people the piece of mind to know that they haven’t lost everything even when it feels like it, is both a useful and important service.

Three Reasons to Explore A Career in the Insurance Industry

  1. Many insurance companies are making special efforts to recruit bilingual employees who can clearly communicate the terms and benefits of insurance policies.
  2. Insurance agencies account for a large number of small businesses in many communities, and the owners of these businesses have an opportunity to become leaders in their communities.
  3. Many insurance companies offer on-the-job training and self-study.

Your Pathway to A Career in Insurance

  • High School: Because insurance is everywhere, you can start learning the trade early. Sign up for insurance or personal finance classes if your school offers them, but also study your car insurance policy closely and learn how other insurance policies work.
  • Community College: Most states have basic licensing procedures for agents and brokers, so many community colleges offer pre-licensing programs to meet local standards. Be sure to develop your people and computer skills too, perhaps by working in sales, customer service, or administration.
  • Four-Year school: You probably have no idea what “underwriters,” “agents,” and “actuaries” really do, and your school might not offer degrees in insurance. But don’t worry. Your university education alone is enough for many entry-level jobs, but internships and familiarity with risk management will help too.

Insurance Positions

Insurance policies can be complicated, and customers may have questions about their coverage or want to make changes to their plans. Customer Relationship Specialists answer customers’ calls, address questions, and assist in updating or adding to current plans.
Education: High school equivalent, additional customer service experience, college degree, and bilingual skills preferred
Full or Part Time: Full-time (part-time may also be available)

When accidents happen, insurers’ customers file claims, which are investigated by company representatives, like Claim Trainees, who ask questions, determine liability, and negotiate fair settlements. This position is often a starting-off point for advancement within the industry.
Education: 4-year college degree, plus customer service experience, bilingual skills preferred
Full or Part Time: Full-time

When people express an interest in getting insurance or switching providers, they are likely to have specific concerns that require personal attention. Direct Sales Specialists reach out to meet customers’ needs and keep them happy, informed, and properly covered in case of emergency.
Education: Two years of sales experience preferred, or a college degree plus one year of experience.
Full or Part-Time: Full-time

Top 10 Largest Undergraduate Programs in Insurance and Risk Management

  1. University of Georgia
  2. Temple University
  3. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  4. Appalachian State University
  5. Florida State University
  6. Georgia State University
  7. The University of Hartford
  8. Olivet College
  9. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  10. Ball State University

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