All living things need love and care. Luckily for us, hundreds of thousands of men and women enter the healthcare profession every year, ready to help us all recuperate in good spirits. Hospitals, community health centers, rehabilitation programs, and research laboratories are just a few of the many institutions providing healthcare services and bettering our medical knowledge. Doctors are only a small part of this giant industry, as other equally important roles include nurses, assistants, administrators, and medical technology experts. Many people are passionate about providing quality healthcare, and the wide range of positions associated with the industry allow for various opportunities.

Three Reasons to Explore A Career in Healthcare

  1. Healthcare professionals directly improve the lives of the individuals they serve and the communities in which they work. Bettering people’s lives feels good and makes a real difference in the world.
  2. Because healthcare is in such high demand around the world, medical experts have many opportunities to travel and see new places, whether as employees of local health centers or volunteers abroad.
  3. The number of Spanish-speaking Americans is growing every day, which means the demand and potential opportunities available for bilingual healthcare professionals is increasing as well.

Your Pathway to A Career in Healthcare

  • High School: Medical school is a ways off, but high school is a good time to learn the basics. Some states have health-focused charter and vocational schools, and many local health centers offer extracurricular classes and workshops. Of course, it will be important to take any biology or life sciences classes you can.
  • Community College: Associate’s degrees open many doors in healthcare. There are two-year nursing programs, medical technology specialties, and concentrations in health services management and administration, all of which are among the highest-paying careers available with two-year degrees.
  • Four-Year school: To be a doctor of any kind, you’ll first need a Bachelors degree. Follow your college’s “pre-med” track for undergrads, which will include coursework, volunteer opportunities, clinical experience, and laboratory research. Degrees in nursing and administration are also available.

Healthcare Positions

Physical Therapists diagnose and treat patients with injuries or conditions that limit their movement. They help people to improve mobility, relieve pain, increase strength, and heal from an injury. For example, physical therapists help patients regain strength and movement after a sports injury. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, and private offices.
Education: Graduate degree, usually a doctoral degree in physical therapy
Salary Range: $50,000 to $104,000

Registered Nurses help doctors to treat and educate patients. They interact with patients, record medical histories, assess patient needs, administer medication and tests, and consult with other healthcare professionals. Registered nurses can specialize in many areas, such as pediatrics, emergency, anesthesia, or geriatrics.
Education: Bachelor’s of science in nursing or associate degree in nursing
Salary Range: $43,000 to $92,000

Psychologists study human behavior and interaction. School psychologists, specifically, are employed at schools and work with students, teachers, and parents to create safe and supportive learning environments for all students. Using their understanding of how people learn and interact, they help with behavior management, student counseling and evaluations, academic programs, and teaching strategies.
Education: Master’s degree in psychology with additional training in education
Salary Range: $65,700 is the median salary for school psychologists

Top Jobs: Highest-Paying Healthcare Jobs Besides Doctors

  1. Optometrist - $96,140
  2. Physician Assistant - $84,420
  3. Veterinarian - $80,000
  4. Physical Therapist - $74,480
  5. Occupational Therapist - $69,630
  6. Dental Hygienist - $67,000
  7. School Psychologist - $66,040
  8. Nurse - $63,750

U.S. News & World Report (2011)

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